Garmin Connect – a powerful app to improve your fitness performance

Garmin Connect app is a powerful application that provides you access to your performance statistics and is designed for your phone which but it can be accessed from your PC as well.

It doesn’t matter what Garmin device you have, whether is a top flagship Garmin Fenix 6 Pro, a Garmin Vivoactive or a Garmin Vivomove fitness tracker, you have your performance stats on Garmin Connect, as a web service or using a free smartphone app (available in Apple Store – for iPhone or Play Store – for Android devices. Garmin Connect is needed when you set up your Garmin device.
Using Garmin Connect you can edit Garmin Pay to add a credit card to pay using your watch (depends on your model as the watch must support Garmin Pay).

Garmin Connect: My Day – everything at a glance, fully customizable

With My Day you will see all your activities, whether it is running activity, weight workout activity or sleeping monitoring.
Depending on your Garmin device and the sensors available your wrist, you will the following cards:

  • Steps – all your steps
  • Sleep – monitoring your sleep stages
  • Heart rate – displaying your current heart rate, resting heart rate and a graph with your heart rate
  • Stress level – current stress level, history with the stress level values
  • Intensity Minutes
  • Calories In/Out – can be paired with MyFitnessPal for a better tracking
  • Training Status
  • Body Battery – calculate based on heart rate variability your body battery remaining level.
  • Floors – the number of floors you’ve climbed and descended
  • Respiration rate – show the number of respiration per minute
  • Pulse OX
  • Garmin Coach
  • Track your period (it’s obviously for women).

You can use Garmin Connect to track your activities, it syncs with your Garmin smartwatch and provides you statistics recorded during your activities. You can analyze your performance to find out how you can improve it next time.
With Garmin Connect you have access to customized workouts thanks to Garmin Coach, with videos and articles and coaching advice so you can improve your fitness.

It doesn’t matter if your preferred activity is running or weight lifting or swimming, using Garmin Connect you can track your activities and using the statistics you can analyze your workout so you can improve it every day.

You can customize the cards type, order, you dismiss cards you don’t want to see.
Using My Day you can view weekly, monthly, yearly averages of your stats.

Garmin Sleeping statistics

Garmin Connect Sleep
Garmin Connect Sleep Stages

With Garmin Connect you can easily monitor your sleeping patterns, your sleeping stages to see how much time you spent Awake, on REM stage your deep sleep and your light sleep.
Advanced Sleeping Monitoring is a feature you can find on the newer generation Garmin watches which help you track your sleep in Garmin Connect. You can see sleep stages thanks to the ASM feature.

Sleep cycles:
Light Sleep: muscles and eye movements begin to slow down, as the body is preparing for deep sleep.
Deep Sleep: eye and muscle movements stop, heart rate and respiration are reduced. During deep sleep your body will recover and it will boost your immune system.
REM Sleep: this stage is very important for creating memories, it is named dream stage
Pulse Ox: Pulse Oximeter is a method to measure the saturation of oxygen on your blood.
Respiration: Showing how many breaths per minute you are taking.

If you use Garmin Connect on an iPhone and you would like to upgrade to the latest iPhone launched by Apple – iPhone SE 2020 – you can read our review here.

Download Garmin Connect here:
Garmin Connect for iOS
Garmin Connect for Android

You can access Garmin Connect online on your PC here:
Garmin Connect online.

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