Best Apple Watch apps you should use

Apple Watch Apps

Interested to find what Apple Watch apps to download on your smartwatch? Here you can find the best apps you can have if you want to track your sleep, your activity or to listen to music. To be able to install and use an app on your Apple Watch you have to install it first … Read more

Apple Watch how to customize watch face

Apple Watch face

Apple added on the Apple Watch new watch faces you to choose from and many watch faces allow customizations, to give a different color, to add or remove complications. Watch faces are available with an older version of Apple’s WatchOS however it is recommended to upgrade to the latest firmware. Starting with WatchOS 6 Apple … Read more

Apple Watch how to change the watch face

Apple Watch

The easiest way to customize your Apple Watch is from your iPhone but you can customize the watch face, add or change complications directly from your Apple Watch. How to change the watch face on your Apple Watch From your watch face you have to swipe left or right to cycle through the multiple watch … Read more