Apple Watch how to change the watch face

The easiest way to customize your Apple Watch is from your iPhone but you can customize the watch face, add or change complications directly from your Apple Watch.

How to change the watch face on your Apple Watch

  1. From your watch face you have to swipe left or right to cycle through the multiple watch faces available.
  2. Choose the desired watch face by confirming OK.

Read here step by step how to customize the watch face on your Apple Watch

By default Apple Watch comes with a variety of watch faces which are customizable.

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Apple Watch default watch faces

Activity Analog

Apple Watch Activity Analog watch face
Photo credits: Shinya Suzuki

This is the best watch face if you wish to see your activity progress as well as a nice analog clock.

With Activity Analog watch face you can customize the colors and the style, which can be changed between rings and subdials.

Activity Digital

This watch face shows you the time in a digital format with your activity progress.
You can change the colors as well to add or remove seconds


A customizable watch face that encourages you to breathe and relax and you can start by pressing on your screen.

Photos Watch Faces

With this Apple Watch Face you can add your personal photo from Photos app and you are able to change the digital time position on the screen.


An elegant watch face with minimalist design. You can change the colors and style.

X-Large Watch face

This a good watch face if you need to see large digits. It is customizable as you can change the colors and you can add complications (Alarm, Activity, Heart Rate, ECG, etc).

Toy Story Watch face

A funny watch face with your favorites characters from the Toy Story movie, being able to change the characters (Buzz, Woody, Jessie or Toy Box). Go ahead and give it a try.

Siri Watch face

Adding this watch face on your Apple Watch you will have at your wrist all details Siri can gather from your phone. You can see the next appointment, traffic, etc.


There are more than 30 watch faces ready to be tested on your Apple Watch, go ahead and test each one and leave your feedback down in the comments section.

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